2 nos. Lead Guitar in Tip-Top Conditions in Aljunied Crescent, East Singapore for sale

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Selling two lead guitars. Both originals and in tip top conditions
1. Line-6 Variax 500 c/w XPS Footwitch Power.
Serial number: 03070082
Variation sounds: Telecaster, Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul-Lester, Gibson Les Paul Junior, Gretch-R-Billy, Rikenbacker-Chime, Gibson-335,
Gibson Jazzbox, Acoustic-12, Dobro-Reso
2. Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature Guitar with Dirty Finger pickup
Sr no. 11041500630
Both Guitars selling for $850. Welcome to test the guitars before purchase.
If interested Email to : alfredwkd@gmail.com